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Kmcallis 7 days ago

Cauli Wings

I'm not a huge fan of buffalo wing sauce, but my daughter talked me into trying yours and I can say they are very very good. I love them. I have yet to have a bad meal at the Mill Creek. Great service and a Friendly atmosphere.

Jaye81 about 1 month ago

The Greek Pillar

All the food here is wonderful but The Greek Pillar is my favorite, time after time. Top quality!

Gauer.Monika about 1 month ago

Fried Chicken

Went to Mill Creek Cafe for dinner for the first time tonight - definitely a 10/10 experience. I ordered the fried chicken sandwich and it was excellent! It's was the perfect crisp - fried but not greasy, and plenary of meat between the breading. The fries were also delicious, and the coleslaw was great! Loved it all! Excellent service too!

Nicolemarianacci about 2 months ago

Cauli Wings

Are your taste buds bored? Have they had enough of the basic summer time foods. You know hots/hamburgers, same old mac salad and dear Lord beer from a can?!! I implore you to rejuvenate those boring buds and stop in to the Mill Creek Cafe. We have enjoyed many items from their creative menu but my favorite is the Cauli Wings. From the minute you pop one in your mouth you know a new addiction has begun. Mill Creek does a great job creating just the right texture to fool you into thinking you actually might be eating a traditional wing but you glance at the menu and it's right there in black and white the word "cauliflower" so it's true you are eating a veggie. The spice is not overbearing but rather just a tap to the tongue so you know that it is there. A sprinkle of creamy rich blue cheese and there is a dang party going on in your mouth. But you know how there is always that "one guy" at the party. You know the fun one that everyone wants to hang around with? That's where a frosty cold pint of one of local craft brews comes in. Party complete! Enjoy!

Bwright1128 about 2 months ago

The Greek Pillar

Great food and a great atmosphere. Every I've gotten here is delicious but the Greek pillar was my favorite so far. Now that I'm thinking about mill creek, I think I'll head down for a burrito bowl right now! If you've never been check it out, you don't know what you're missing!

Ronieb29 about 2 months ago

Eggplant Parmesan Stackers

Delicious eggplant as a appetizer or even a meal . Breading taste like something special made !! Served in a small cast iron skillet! definitively must try!!

Rachel.Almend 3 months ago

Onion Rings

Mill Creek Cafe is one of our favorites. These onion rings are huge, thick cut and battered with unusually well seasoned batter. I love the option of ordering a half or whole order!

Tlexvold 3 months ago

The Julius

Mill Creek Cafe is always excellent due to the quality of food and service! I have been dining here for 10 plus years and have never been disappointed.

Janelle.Deal 3 months ago

chicken, steak, shrimp, veggie, or surf-n-turf (steak and shrimp)

Whether ordering at the restaurant or picking up an item for takeout, my go to is always the chicken rice bowl! Even as take out it is delicious and filling. The chips that come with it have the perfect amount of seasoning and are the perfect additional touch to enjoy this meal. While eating at Mill Creek Cafe, I suggest pairing it with the local NY Rootstock hard cider as that's always a favorite!

Rwt01631 4 months ago

chicken, steak, shrimp, veggie, or surf-n-turf (steak and shrimp)

Never matters what we have the food is always great and consistent. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. It's nice to know no matter what you order it's going to be fresh and amazing every time.

Edodge79 4 months ago

Black-n-Bleu Burger

First time at millcreek, Great setting friendly staff and great food. Possibly my new favorite local spot since I just moved to the area. I had the black and blu burger with a side of sweet potato fries! Not many places offer SP fries. Certainly glad does !

Ballerchick2010 4 months ago

Grilled chicken or veggie-made with cheddar

Recently moved to Honeoye and wanted to try something different than the regular sit down places... Im head over heels for Mill Creek food! My goal by the end of the summer is to try everything on the menu once.. (sidenote, the Pho is AMAZING..right, theres pho).. The atmosphere is always such good vibes.. 10/10 would reccomend.

Timothy 4 months ago

Cauli Wings

These are delicious, spicy, and much lighter than regular chicken wings!

Amanda 4 months ago

Steak and cheese


Ellebycul 5 months ago

Black-n-Bleu Burger

Burger was juicy, cooked perfectly Tuna poke bowl Excellent, super fresh tuna, refreshing salad. Grilled chicken burrito, huge delicious Shrimp tacos were my favorite! Cant beat the fishfry Loved everything ive had.

Becky 5 months ago


Ahi tuna with quinoa was excellent!

Jacksong 6 months ago

chicken, steak, shrimp, veggie, or surf-n-turf (steak and shrimp)

Rice bowl with chicken or pulled pork or shrimp - wonderful. Add guacamole - perfection.

Lore 7 months ago

Cauli Wings

These are so good that it's hard to tell they aren't real wings!

Stacyfox06 15 days ago


I'd never had a quesadilla like the brisket quesadilla here! It wasn't my idea to get it and my bf and I were sharing it (and a couple other things), but after one bite I'd wished I'd had my own! Perfectly seasoned, great flavors, and as always, the portions are just right. I always recommend a stop at Mill Creek, and this brisket!

Randylund706 about 1 month ago


Although busy as usual, the wrap was worth the wait! Staff is always so friendly!!

Nicolemarianacci about 1 month ago

chicken, steak, shrimp, veggie, or surf-n-turf (steak and shrimp)

My husband and I recently stopped in for the traditional Friday nigh fish fry. The portion was more than filling and the breading was just the right amount. I have had fish fry's where the only thing you could taste was the oil it was fried in. Not the case at all. The breading was light enough that you could still taste the fresh flavor of the fish. I enjoyed the house chips with my fish while my husband raved about the hand cut fries. Another great dinner at Mill Creek.

King1416 about 2 months ago


Great flavor and service! Can't wait to come back again!

Travinatorisme about 2 months ago

Grass Fed Hamburger or Cheeseburger

I've lived in Honeoye for several years now and I can honestly save for such a small town, this place packs a major punch. From the decedent aromas, flavorful and succulent food items, and select choices of adult beverages. Not only this, but this restaurant is chips friendly in many ways, and their menu reflects that as well. Customer service is fantastic, and the seating is perfect in the vent you wish to seat yourselves inside or out. On occasion, they have select local bands contribute their tspens to the populus, which adds to the already warm and inviting atmosphere. This place is a hidden gem that deserves to be shared, even if you lives hours away, I would highly recommend checking this joint out! You will not be disappointed!

Vdixon1 about 2 months ago

Grilled chicken, Sauted veggie, Slow roasted pork, Shaved steak, Brisket, or Grilled shrimp

Favorite restaurant! I usually get the rice bowl with steak or pork. Delicious! My daughter loves the broth bowl and the fish fry is not to be missed! It is lightly battered and perfectly fried so you can still taste the fish! Indoor and outdoor seating. Friendly staff. I love this place.

Tlexvold1 3 months ago

The Julius

I have been dining at mill creek for over 10 years. Always excellent service and excellent food!

Sladams6 3 months ago

Onion Rings

The best I have ever had. A friend from out of state came for dinner. She thought the people at the next table were having donuts with there dinner! Try them, you will agree.

Katedeprez 3 months ago

Sweet Potato Fries

We love everything about Mill Creek's sweet potato fries! I also recently had a delicious chicken salad croissant that was really lovely, too. Lots of chicken salad seasoned nicely, fresh lettuce, large slice of tomato on a toasted croissant... Yum!

Edodge79 4 months ago

Grass Fed Hamburger or Cheeseburger

Won't find what I had on the menu. Phoned in a order for pick up 5/31/19 A ranch bacon cheddar burger. With a side of sweet potato fries You know what makes a great burger. The fact that it's cooked to perfection. And no condiments Like ketchup or mustard are needed. Just the juices from the burger! Will definitely order this in the future. And the cashier whom cashed me out was also spectacular she did a great job. At a place like millcreek you won't leave unhappy. I'm quite pleased with the food and staff. Rock on

Alana.Graz 4 months ago

Chicken Caesar

Love the caesar salad! It's amazing!

Ehetrick13 4 months ago

Soy Maple Shrimp Salad

Mill creek staff was kind enough to turn this salad into a wrap and it was awesome!! My husband had the Julius, always a win!

John0471 4 months ago


I was expecting more of a flatbread sandwich but this is a thin crust pizza. Nonetheless, absolutely delicious! This flatbread is a MUST for pesto lovers. Juicy tomatoes, fresh spinach, tender chicken, and melted provolone cheese combine to make a unique and scrumptious meal. Easily shareable.

Amanda 4 months ago

Mill Creeker

Absolutely delicious!

Krbates2011 5 months ago

Eggplant Parmesan Stackers

i have never been a fan of egg plant but this blew me away so delicious

Jacksong 6 months ago

Mill Creeker

Perfect combination of flavors.

Lore 7 months ago


We get this every time we come! The fried chicken and shaved steak are my favorite!


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